Doctor Who's Filming, And You Are There. Plus Terminator Stars Tell All!

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Even the L.A. Times is catching spoiler-mania! Today, the stars of Sarah Connor rave about the upcoming episodes. Roberto Orci answers Transformers questions. New Doctor Who and Heroes set pics! Plus Chuck, Dollhouse and Lost.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

If Roberto Orci could have any Transformers in the third movie, he'd like Unicron, just for the scale of him. Not all of the Decepticons will be military vehicles this time around. And the inclusion of the Pretender totally makes sense in the film. [Transformers Live]


And here's a set pic that shows all the Autobots roaring down the highway, from the filming a few months back. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Doctor Who:

The time-travel show has started filming its Easter special, which can only mean one thing — set pics! The same building where Lazarus did his magical youth experiments now serves as the International Gallery, complete with security guards in IG uniforms. And a blonde woman in a black catsuit, like a cat burglar, sneaks in. Could this be the companion for this episode? (Some eyewitnesses thought it was Michelle "Bionic Woman" Ryan, but I'm skeptical.) Also, "dark brown, almost burned-looking skeleton" was carried out of the museum, and a London bus with an ad saying "NEON - unbeatable call tariffs" drove past. Also, there's a picture of a crushed red double-decker bus in the make-up and costume van. [Planet Gallifrey and Alun_Vega and Doctor Who Forum]


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Thomas "John Connor" Dekker talked to fans on video, and gave away some major spoilers. Like, Charley Dixon, John Connor's almost-stepfather, will die. John Connor will "take down" Derek's girlfriend Jesse. (Not sure whether "take down" means kill, bitch-slap, or what.) And then John will fight resistance fighters sent back from the future "to take him down." Also, John Connor starts the rest of season two with three women: Riley, Cameron and Sarah. By the end of the season, he will not have any of those women around. One will betray him, one will die, and one will leave him. (Also, apparently, Thomas Dekker is "not in the [Terminator] movie, because Christian Bale fucked more people than I did." Wha huh?)


What's that? You want to see some stars of T:SCC talking about the show in a non-demented shadow-face video? Okay fine. Here are Richard T. Jones and Garret Dillahunt talking about the rest of the season like normal people. Seems the Terminator now known as John Henry will break out, and Ellison has to track him down. And Garret gets into a major smackdown-style fight. Also, J.J. Abrams teases Fringe, including Olivia's first encounter with "something fringe," before she met Walter. And some Dollhouse stuff, including hints about relationships and stuff. [Sarah Connor Society]


More J.J. Abrams hints: we'll eventually meet Dr. William Bell, and we'll find out more about whether Peter is the result of Walter's experiments, one of these days. [TV Guide]



Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the season opener that I don't think we've shown you yet. I think.


Also, Michael Emerson says you can't take anything Ben says at face value. So when Ben says he who moves the island can never return to it, you have to ask what "he" and "return" and "never" mean. Ben equivocates a lot. Also, in addition to all the flash-backs, flash-forwards and other zany flashes, this season may feature flash-presents. Whoa! With all the time-jumping and space-jumping, some surprising characters may turn out to have relationships, and characters we glimpsed years ago could turn out to have major importance. And Ben is definitely coming for Penny, thanks to that oath he swore. But she'll be hard to locate, and she has "special protectors." [E! Online]


The superpowered soap was filming a scene from the tail end of the "Fugitives" arc, where Peter and his momz have a spat in the rain. At one point, it looks like Peter is walking away from Angela in disgust. Is she siding with her now-evil elder son? [Heroes Spoilers]



Here are five scenes from the next episode, "Chuck Vs. The Third Dimension."


Kyle XY:

Don't count on Jessi XX to become more centered or mature this season — she keeps getting dragged back to square one, like a bipolar person, says actor Jamie Alexander. A few new characters join the cast this season, so Jessi isn't the new kid any more. (I still haven't watched last night's episode, so I apologize if some of these spoilers are out of date.) Jessi gets to explore high-school life, and going out with the girls, and makeup and stuff, plus she gets a love interest. [MediaBlvd]


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.

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