Doctor Who's Daughter Gets Her Due in a New Audio Series

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

Doctor Who’s clone daughter, Jenny, has remained an enigma on the series. After departing on her own spaceship at the end of her first (and only) episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter,” she basically disappeared without a trace. Now, the character is finally returns as the star of her own audio drama series.


According to RadioTimes, actor Georgia Moffett is set to reprise her role as Jenny in an audio series from production house Big Finish, which is responsible for the excellent line of Doctor Who audio dramas covering both the classic world of Doctor Who and more recently the wider world of the revived series, meaning concepts like everything from UNIT, to the Paternoster Gang, and now Jenny, can find new life after their disappearances from the show itself.

Jenny appeared in series four of Doctor Who alongside David Tennant, who Moffett later married. She was created from the Doctor’s DNA to serve as a soldier, clashing with the Doctor’s pacifism; once she recognized her own genetic lineage, she modified her behavior to be more like a Time Lord. At the end of her episode, Jenny had been shot and the Doctor presumed she was dead, but she revived and took her own spaceship. There was speculation that we’d see her return, perhaps in a spinoff, but that never happened.


Jenny’s audio series will be released later this year, and she won’t be alone; Sean Biggerstaff, who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films, will serve as her companion for the series.

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She’s the actress married to David Tenant irl, right? That means their kids have a father who played the 10th Doctor, a mother who played a clone of the 10th Doctor, and a grandpa that played the 5th Doctor.