Doctor Who's Crazed Welshman Throws Down with Prince of Wales

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When Russell T. Davies asked Prince Charles to guest star in Doctor Who, the prince's office refused out of hand — such sci-fi tomfoolery is beneath him. Davies was less than pleased; he called out the Prince of Wales at a recent literary festival, referring to him as a "miserable swine" for snubbing the offer. Apparently, though, Charles still has some respect for the starry-eyed producer and writer, as this week he awarded Davies the Order of the British Empire for his services to drama. And what happened when the two men finally met face-to-face in Buckingham Palace? You'll have to watch the video.


It seems Prince Charles didn't realize a jilted proposal from Doctor Who would create such a stir. Clearly, he doesn't know any British children:

The Prince of Wales turned down an offer to star in Doctor Who, executive producer Russell T Davies has claimed.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the BBC show's writer called the prince "a miserable swine" for not accepting the invitation.

According to Clarence House, however, the prince did not see the offer as it was turned down on his behalf.

"We receive a great many requests and it's impossible to accept them all," a spokesman told the BBC.

The Prince of Wales must be pretty damn important if he can ignore a Time Lord. The Doctor, though, is nothing if not friendly, so Rusty was happy to patch up their conflict in the service of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. BBC News presents video footage of the investiture ceremony, and everybody's favorite bespectacled Welshman is as earnest and adorable as ever. You don't have to call him "Sir Davies" now — his OBE makes him an Officer of the British Empire, not technically a knight — but you can still cheer at the success of the cheeky, wildheaded giant who gave us aliens made out of fat, a tentacle-headed Dalek-human hybrid, and a glowing Doctor who flies with robotic angels.

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Doctor Who's Davies collects OBE [via BBC]


Russell's just making a joke.

"Miserable swine" is a reference to The Goon Show, a 1950s radio comedy. The writer of the show (Spike Milligan) was a personal friend of Prince Charles and publicly called him things like that all the time.

Prince Charles will get it.