Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston Is Back in a New Audio Adventure, and It's Fantastic

It’s good to see you again, Doc.
It’s good to see you again, Doc.
Image: BBC
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It’s been a long time since we saw the Ninth Doctor set foot in the TARDIS. We’ll still be waiting for that, unfortunately, but now you can hear Christopher Eccleston back in action as the Doctor with this first preview of Big Finish’s first audio adventure featuring the actor. Frankly? It’s still great just to hear his voice.


There’s a lot going on in the preview for Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1: Ravagers, but cutting above it all is the Ninth’s distinctive north English accent (remember, lots of planets have a north) as he deals with aliens, giant robot monsters, and more. Listen and see for yourself, because the visuals of this trailer are pretty snazzy:

There’s only one thing that sounds off to me, and I needed my colleague, Doctor Who expert, and all-around English person James Whitbrook to nail it down: It’s weird to hear the Ninth Doctor yelling in excitement so much. It’s not like things didn’t get high-stakes during Eccleston’s single season on Doctor Who, but those times were the exception, not the norm. I’m used to hearing him being less audibly demonstrative, even when he was angry or giddy. Still, trailers are supposed to tease all the most exciting bits of a production, so I would be shocked if this was actually an issue in the final product.

The unwieldily named Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1: Ravagers will arrive this May, and can be pre-ordered at Big Finish here—$20 for a digital download, and $35 for a physical CD.

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I’m glad he’s doing this. Fingers crossed that we see him in the next crossover special... he deserves to be back onscreen. ... Eight too! Just... just shove as many Doctors in as you can for the 60th. Doctor Ruth, all the Doctors from Curse of Fatal Death, have a movie poster for the 1975 movie The Ghoul up somewhere (Google it, it’ll make sense)... all of them!