Doctor Who's Captain Jack Will Return for the Festive Special

Guess who’s back?
Gif: BBC

Jack’s back...again. And this time, maybe he’ll finally get to meet the Thirteenth Doctor.


The BBC has just announced that hot off of his surprise appearance in season 12's absolutely wild mid-season episode “Fugitive of the Judoon”—his first appearance on Doctor Who since the end of the show’s fourth season—John Barrowman will reprise his role as former companion and Torchwood hero Captain Jack Harkness in “Revolution of the Daleks,” this year’s holiday-period special.

While this news is supremely exciting, the BBC have yet to reveal which date the special will air. However, here’s a sneak peek.

While the Doctor begins “Revolution of the Daleks” trapped in a mysterious interstellar prison (briefly seen in the climax of “The Timeless Children”), Jack will be helping out her separated best friends Ryan, Yaz, and Graham back on Earth as they try to not just deal with potentially never seeing the Doctor again, but also, y’know...fighting those titular Daleks and their titular revolution. Considering Jack not only helped beat the Daleks twice—and only died once while doing so—he’s going to be the perfect man for our companions to turn to in an hour of crisis.

Check out a new poster for the episode below, as well as a new picture of Jack and the TARDIS, which definitely seems like it means he and the Doctor will come face to face this time!


“Revolution of the Daleks” will air on BBC One and BBC America...soon-ish.


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I’m excited to see him interact with Jodie Whittaker’s iteration, but man, I was disappointed that I never got to see him in the same room as Capaldi’s Doctor.