Doctor Who will take advertising to a whole new level

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If you're watching tomorrow's Doctor Who midseason premiere on BBC America, you'll get to see an extra 60-second sequence which was sponsored by AT&T. At one point in the episode, Amy and Rory take off on a motorcycle in pursuit of someone — and then they arrive, soon after.


The BBC wanted to include a chase sequence with Amy and Rory on their motorcycle, but there wasn't enough money. Enter AT&T, which is sponsoring a 60-second vignette, done in motion-comic style with much lower production values. The scene is written by Steven Moffat and directed by the episode's director, Richard Senior. And it will carry AT&T branding, which I'm guessing will not be subtle. AT&T's new slogan is "Rethink Possible," and the Doctor already says that "nothing is impossible" in the episode, so it all dovetails nicely.

The vignette will air in the middle of a bloc of commercials and will have a "stay tuned" tag at the start of the commercial break, making it "the ultimate DVR-buster." [Ad Age]

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Kinda glad I won't be seeing this, along with any other advertising, on the BBC version.