Doctor Who Sings Rocky Horror's "Time Warp" As Fate Always Intended

It seems like the most obvious mash-up of all time in retrospect. But it took the Hillywood Show to finally, finally bring us the Tenth Doctor performing Rocky Horror Picture Show's quintessential song "The Time Warp." Kismet!


I believe Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness singing "Rose Tint My World" should be next on the agenda, don't you?

Thanks to Dalek_Dave for the tip!

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Rob Bricken

If you're thinking of taking your time to say something shitty about this video, here's a fun idea: Don't. Just please don't. So not all of them can sing perfectly. They still made an awesome video that looks great and I enjoyed it and plenty of other people will still enjoy it without it being flawless and your insulting comment will affect nothing except make you look like an asshole.

Do you want to look like an asshole over this video? Consider this question carefully before posting.