Doctor Who Set Pics, Walking Dead Hints, And Sophie Turner Talks X-Men!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

There are even more rumors about Spider-Man after this week's big announcements. Plus, Duncan Jones talks about his Warcraft movie, Billy Dee Williams talks about the Star Wars movies, and there's Jurassic World clues. Plus casting details for Frankenstein and The Shannara Chronicles. To me, my Spoilers!

Top image: Doctor Who.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Sophie Turner has been talking about why the production team chose her for the role of Jean Grey in the next X-Men film:

"I think maybe one of the reasons that they chose me for [Jean] is because they saw the dark side of Sansa," she said. "Maybe they're thinking, 'Oh, Phoenix, Jean Grey.' I definitely see a lot of parallels in there."

Turner continued, "[Jean] struggles with her power... and not being accepted in the human world. I think in terms of [Game of Thrones], that's kind of the way Sansa felt in that she really wanted to be a normal princess/queen and live a normal life — and she doesn't, because of all this havoc happens. I think Jean, in a way, feels that."


[ IGN]

Bryan Singer tweeted from the movie's set, in front of a familiar door. [ Film School Rejects]

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Yes, this is the week of Spider-Man rumors now. Following the earlier announcement that Spider-Man will return to the MCU in Captain America 3: Civil War, there are multiple rumours as to how Marvel and Sony will approach the character. First up, The Hollywood Reporter has sources who claim that Marvel and Sony are looking for an actor 'much younger' than Andrew Garfield, yet another report that he's out of the picture. They also mention that Marc Webb is out, while Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, producers on the Amazing films, are downgraded to the point that they have no creative control on the movie, and that Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal will produce the next Spider-Man movie.


Meanwhile, Variety's report ties in on the search for a younger actor, claiming that Marvel is looking to return Peter Parker to high school to get back to the character's roots. They also mention that Sony's plans for spinoff movies based on the Sinister Six, Venom and an unknown female character in the Spiderverse are still going forward, and Marvel's Kevin Feige will not be creatively involved with those films.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Making Star Wars has another sketch of alleged concept art, this time reportedly for the costume Princess Leia will wear throughout most of the movie. It almost looks like the uniform of the Rebel troopers from A New Hope - a grey shirt and trousers, black boots, a black sleeveless jacket and tied back hair.


Meanwhile, Billy Dee Williams insinuates that while he won't be in The Force Awakens, he might be appearing in the later movies:

Awesome...So I have to ask, were you ever approached to appear in the new movie? I remember when the first cast list was revealed with that photo, people weren't happy that you were absent from it.

BDW: Yeah, people were pretty upset about it. But I uh...I may very well...I have a feeling I'm going to show up. [ Note: from the context Billy Dee Williams is talking about the sequel Trilogy in general and not just The Force Awakens] There's nothing I can really discuss about it at this stage.

People think of me as the original cast, but I didn't come in until the second movie. I did Empire and then I did Return of the Jedi, but I came in after everyone else was introduced...So I think they're probably proceeding in that way.

I can't imagine them not bringing Lando back. But we'll see, I don't know.

[ Cinelinx]


Duncan Jones took to twitter to talk about how he would like to approach marketing his video game adaptation to mainstream audiences. He also mentioned the idea of having separate trailers to convey the Horde and Alliance sides of the story, as well as noting the film sits 'somewhere between Planet of the Apes, Fellowship of the Ring and Avatar.' in terms of its CGI use. [ Joblo]


The Themis Files

David Koepp has been tapped to script Sony's adaptation of Sylvain Neuvel's début novel, which revolves around a secret project to assemble the ancient body parts of a giant humanoid relic buried throughout the world by aliens. [ Deadline]


Jurassic World

Here's a viral video about Vincent D'Onofrio's character, Head of Security Vic Hoskins. [ Coming Soon]

New pictures of some of Hasbro's toyline for the movie are out, revealing the names of Chris Pratt's Velociraptor team (Charlie, Delta and Echo), as well as what might be another hybrid dinosaur in the film. Bear in mind, what gets turned into a toy doesn't necessarily always come from the film. See more here. [Comic Book Movie]

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Indiana Jones

Speaking of Chris Pratt, TMZ managed to get the poor actor all flustered when it came to discussing the rumours that he's being courted for an Indiana Jones reboot. He doesn't say no, but it sounds like he's at least been approached. [ Making Star Wars]

The Walking Dead

Facebook fanpage The Spoiling Dead offers this description of scenes coming up on the next episode, 'Them':

-After taking a break on this long road, Daryl comes back from a failed hunting trip, a cigarette break, and having a little cry for Beth. He puts the cigarette out in his thumb. Four feral dogs appear. Rick and Daryl get their weapons ready, but Sasha pulls out her silenced rifle and shoots them all. She's very annoyed at everything due to her brothers death. The next shot we see them cooking chunks of meat on a fire in the moonlight.

-At one point near the fire, Father Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire.


More stuff at the link. [ The Spoiling Dead]

Doctor Who

Here's a picture of Peter Capaldi filming on location for Season 9, on an episode purportedly set on a Russian Military base (note that the soldier is an actual soldier from the base being filmed on, not an actor in the episode). There's some speculation that this storyline will see the Doctor continue to explore his issues with soldiers. [ Doctor Who TV]

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Agent Carter

Bridget Reagan talks Dottie in this interview:

So, what is your take on Dottie? Has she been brainwashed? Is she a sleeper agent, or does she embrace what she is good at?

I think Dottie is a soldier. She's trained. I wouldn't use the word brainwashed. I never thought of it like that. Yes, there's something very animal to her. She's powerful and dangerous, but she follows rules. As we saw in the flashback, with her closest friend in a headlock, when her teacher gave her the nod to go ahead and snap her neck, Dottie didn't hesitate. For me, that was a very revealing moment of her character.

There was that scene where Dottie sneaks into Peggy's room, fixates on the Steve Rogers photograph, imitates Peggy's accent and picks up her lipstick. What was going through her head? Is she obsessed with Peggy?

She goes in the room looking for the photograph she ends up taking, which is one of Stark's inventions, but she stops by the photo of Steve. In that moment, we see her fascination with Peggy. She's very curious about Peggy, and in that moment, Dottie tries her on a little bit. "What would it feel like to be Peggy? Could I be Peggy?" That moment was so much fun to play with. I think Dottie is sort of baffled by her.

Peggy and Dottie have demonstrated their physical prowess. What does a showdown between these two ladies look like?

Well, we've gotten to see a lot of Peggy's strengths already. Obviously, she's an amazing shot — that's her skill. We've gotten to see a lot of Dottie's training. We know what Black Widows are capable of from seeing another very well-known Black Widow, who I sort of became obsessed with once I went down this road. They have very different backgrounds in terms of their training, so they would have very different styles and approaches to violence. I wouldn't say they are the same, but they would be a good match."

What else can we expect from Dottie in the remaining episodes?

There's a lot of adventure. I feel these next four episodes are a whirlwind. The show gets better and better each episode. A lot happens. I love how quickly the truth about Dottie came out. While playing sweet, innocent Dottie is a lot of fun, playing this powerful soldier woman is even more fun.

I will say, the thing that Dottie took from Peggy's room is going to come into play.


[ Comic Book Resources]


Even more casting! This time, Transparent's Kiersey Clemons will play a morally ambiguous lifelike robot. [TV Line]



Marc Guggenheim talks about the increasing addition of comic book characters into the show:

It's funny — I oftentimes feel like Oliver. When Oliver set out on this crusade of his, he never expected to inspire other people. That wasn't part of his mission statement. It wasn't our intention to bring this many costumed characters onto the show as quickly as we have, so I often feel like Oliver, going, "Hey, what's up with that?"

That said, I have a lot of confidence in the choices that we've made. Judging by the Internet and the ratings, the audience has a similar amount of confidence in us. We'll always manage our superhero quotient. For example, Lance is not going to become a superhero. [Laughs] Diggle is not going to suddenly get superpowers. Felicity is not going to put on a mask. There's still a good number of characters who are not "superheroes" — they may be heroes; I feel like Diggle and Felicity are definitely heroes, just without that comic book modifier.

Last week also brought the first look at Brandon Routh in the Atom costume — as a longtime comics fan, what excites you most about seeing Routh in that suit? And what can you tease about what he might get up to while wearing it?

For me, the most satisfying thing about the costume is, it looks like Brandon walked off of a movie set. I've never seen a TV show do a costume of this level of ambition before. He's got a lot of cool tricks up his sleeve. People who are immediately expecting him to shrink are going to be disappointed. I will say that upfront.

We always say, we're doing the "Arrow" version of The Atom. That said, there will be some flying involved, which looks remarkably amazing. He has a lot of little gadgets and tricks and abilities built into that suit. I don't want to spoil exactly what they are, because I think part of the fun of watching is seeing what that suit's going to do next.


[ Comic Book Resources]

And here's a clip from tonight's episode, as Werner Zytle escapes custody right outside Starling City Courthouse.

The Flash

Victor Garber briefly discusses his role as Martin Stein on the show:

Does Martin hear Ronnie's thoughts in his mind, and vice versa?

Ronnie hears Martin. So, Ronnie is Firestorm. He's the physical manifestation.

So, this means you don't have to wear the costume?

Exactly! Would you want to see me in that costume? I certainly wouldn't, and I promise you, neither would you. But, no. I'm the old guy, Robbie [Amell] is the sexy young guy. It's perfect.

Would you be up for a Firestorm spin-off if one were to happen?

You know, sure. Honestly, right now, I really don't know what they're thinking - if they are thinking about it. I'm doing a lot of other things at the moment, so it would depend on my availability, and also, I live in New York. I don't want to live in Vancouver. So, there would be a lot to sort out. But, yes. Of course. I love this group of people, and I hope I can continue to work with them.


[ Ksite TV]

And Carlos Valdes talks about Cisco, and the potential for the character to become Vibe, as his comic book incarnation does:

Surprisingly, Cisco proved fairly skilled at physically fighting Hartley.

He's not an advanced fighter like Oliver Queen, but after growing up, Cisco might have seen an opportunity to learn how to defend himself given his status as an engineering nerd. So, he has a basic fundamental understanding of combat. That's what he brought to that sequence."

Felicity is returning to Central City, and Ray Palmer is coming along with her. What will Cisco make of Ray's Atom armor?

Obviously, I can't say too much, but there's somewhat of an emphasis on the relationship Cisco has with Ray. Fans can definitely expect to see how they connect over shared interests. As Carlos, working in the presence of the Atom suit was a hell of an experience. It's amazing.

What else is in store for Cisco in upcoming episodes?

Viewers can expect to see a bit of Cisco's background, where he comes from in respect to his family and how these formative experiences and relationships have influenced who he is and who he is becoming.

There's definitely some time travel stuff that I can't get too deeply into, but it's very exciting. Fans are going to have heart attacks. I don't know how they are going to make it through these next few episodes. Things are about to get crazy.

Francisco Ramon, aka Vibe, is a long-running DC Comics superhero. What kind of discussions have you had with the producers about exploring that legacy?

We definitely talked about where Cisco comes from, especially in the New 52 series, and how he works at a Radio Shack-type of store. He becomes Vibe very quickly after that. Even though the nature of this character is fundamentally informed by its comic book predecessor, it's ultimately a completely different person. That was one of the things that was so freeing about this project, is that we've basically built an original version of Cisco. He's massively informed by what's in the comic book, but he's still an independent individual. I like that fact that we've created something new.


[ Comic Book Resources]

The Shannara Chronicles

The adaptation of Terry Brook's fantasy series has gained some cast members: Brooke Williams, Daniel MacPherson, and Marcus Vanco.


Williams will play Catania, "a witty and wise Elf who is not only Amberle's (Poppy Drayton) handmaiden, but her trusted best friend in the palace;" MacPherson will play Arion, "the heir to the Elvin throne. Arion takes himself very seriously and is the opposite of his wilder brother Ander;" and Vanco will play Bandon: "Feared by his family for his mysterious visions, Bandon is discovered by Wil (Austin Butler) and Amberle starving and chained to a wall. Allanon (Manu Bennett) takes special interest in him, believing his abilities will be integral in saving the Four Lands." [Deadline]


Fox may have cast its modern day Doctor Frankenstein: Adhir Kalyan will play a "quiet and brilliant internet billionaire" who plays a key role in reanimating the as-yet-uncast Ray. [ Den of Geek]


The 100

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at the next episode, and an interview with Richard Harmon discussing the rest of the season and the identity of the mysterious woman introduced in the clip:

Details of her character are under lock and key, but we can tell you her identity: Emori, played by Luisa D'Oliveira.

Harmon tells ETonline that Emori may be what Murphy needs. "The interesting thing with this episode for my character is going to be seeing a different side of Murphy that this person pulls out in him, undoubtedly," he teases.

Harmon adds, "It's a different sort of Murphy coming up. Look at everything Murphy has been – he's been loud, he's been aggressive, he's been angry, he's been all these things. This person kind of brings him down a little bit, not in a sad way but kind of calms him."

We've gotten hints that the City of Light isn't what the group may be expecting or hoping for. Anything you can divulge?

Harmon: Oh yeah, they're definitely not sure what it is.

What's that trek like?

Harmon: Harrowing. They're going through the heat, they're very low on supplies, they're being tested every step of the way. You'll be surprised by how Murphy keeps it together over a lot of other people. He does a really good job of being patient with everybody, which is a side of Murphy we haven't seen before.

We know not everyone's going to make it to the City of Light. Give us a tease!

Harmon: The numbers are definitely dwindling by the end – and by different ways. Some of it won't be by death. There are a lot of different tests that they all go through, and not everyone is going to make it through every single one of them.


[ ET]

The Vampire Diaries

Caroline discusses her childhood with Stefan in this clip from tomorrow's episode, 'Stay'.

12 Monkeys

Here's a brief synopsis for 'The Red Forest', and some promo pictures - more can be found here. [Spoiler TV]

After the tragic events of the Night Room create an alternate reality in 2043, Cole risks his future to save Dr. Railly.

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The Originals

Finally, here's an extended promo for 'I Love You, Goodbye', focusing on Hayley's impending wedding. [ Spoiler TV]

Additional reporting by Diana Biller and Charlie Jane Anders.


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