Doctor Who season finale shows up in the mail a few days early

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The BBC has been trying to keep a tight lid on the details of the Doctor Who season finale, but the episode has gotten out, not through the Internet but through the mail. It seems some fans have already received their preordered copies of Series 7.2, including the final episode, "The Name of the Doctor."


This morning, Bleeding Cool mentioned that Tumblr user Untempered-Schism, posted that their copy had arrived ahead of schedule, giving them an early peek at the finale. (The user also posted photos of the package, including the one up top.)

So, I feel like I have the awesome power of being able to spoil something really really big in the palm of my hands but I refuse sir, I REFUSE! Just know that The Name of the Doctor is a seriously game-changing episode. And that Clara’s explanation will BLOW classic Whovians out of the water.


The BBC has confirmed the snafu, hoping to convince early viewers to keep quiet about the finale:

Some US DVDs of this series have gone out early. The #DoctorWho team would be hugely grateful if fans helped keep spoilers off the net.

Steven Moffat has promised if fans help keep the finale’s secrets, we’ll release a special video featuring Matt & David right after the ep!

So be careful on the Internet this week, Whovians. Here there be spoilers.

The Doctor Who Finale Has Escaped Into The Wild – The Name Of The Doctor Is Out & Hey, Internet! Keep Quiet About Doctor Who And Get A Special Reward! [Bleeding Cool]


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Publicity stunt. No torrents, no gifs, no real info. It's all BBC bogus.…