Given the sheer volume of dialogue that's been spouted on Doctor Who in the past 50-odd years, and how silly or bizarre a fair amount of it is, nobody should be surprised that dozens of Doctor Who quotes make insane silly double entendres. Our new favorite Tumblr, "Leave The Girl, It's The Man I Want," collects them.

This Tumblr seems to have originated with this ginormous comment thread over at the Facebook group The Terrible Zodin, where people came up with some wonderfully inappropriate-sounding Who quotes. Samples, mostly via Steven Sautter:

"We are all apt to surrender ourselves to domination."

"That sweet little lama said to show me everything."

"Doctor, you can't put your hand in there."

"Super squeaky bum time?"

"We must do the fertility dance to celebrate!"

"Let's toss, shall we?"

"Remarkable, it almost grows before my eyes"

"Do you know that a brilliant and audacious scheme is about to come to its climax?"

"This is what your precious viewers are interested in. The Devil's Hump and what's inside it, right?"


But the Tumblr itself has turned them into actual memes, complete with images from the original episodes. Here are a few of our favorites:



Check out tons more over at Leave The Girl, It's The Man I Want. [via Facebook]