Doctor Who Producer Honoured by the Queen

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For all those who said that working in SF never gets you anywhere, Doctor Who producer Russell T. Davies has three letters for you: OBE. Not that that's some acronym for an obscure insult, however. Instead, it stands for Officer of the British Empire, one of the highest honours available to non-military personnel from none other than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and something that Davies was awarded this past weekend.

Outgoing Who producer and showrunner Davies was given the OBE for "services to drama," showing that someone in the palace possibly takes the show more seriously than they should. Davies was bemused, but thankful, for the honor:

I'm delighted to accept, and I hope it does the whole industry a bit of good, for the writing of television drama to be recognised.


Of course, Davies' gong doesn't mean that Elizabeth watches David Tennant every Saturday; the list of those awarded the honor is usually prepared by the UK Government, which can only mean one thing: Prime Minister Gordon Brown really, really liked the idea of a Tony Blair analog being an evil timelord last year.

Russell T. Davies OBE [BBC]

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