Doctor Who premieres tomorrow night, so here's the scoop on all those Daleks

It's hard to say what from the Doctor Who universe is more iconic: Daleks or the TARDIS. Metallic mutant monsters...time-defying phone box...metallic mutant monsters...time-defying phone box...

In preparing the new season of Doctor Who, executive producer Steven Moffat was particularly inspired by the classic, tank-like cyborgs, an army of which is descending upon the Doctor, Amy, and Rory in a genuinely frightening scenario (according to star Karen Gillan) in the premiere episode, "Asylum of the Daleks." Prototypes from every era of Doctor Who will convene on screen in the largest mass of Daleks ever assembled.


Check out two new Doctor Who Insiders (left) featuring exclusive interviews with the cast, and don't miss the flurry of pissed-off Daleks in first episode of the all new season of Doctor Who, tomorrow, Saturday, September 1, at 9/8c only on BBC America.


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