Doctor Who, Batman and Gandalf Finally Team Up in Lego's New Video Game

We’ve known Doctor Who Lego was coming for a while, and that it would be coming to Lego Dimensions, Lego’s new mash-up video game, which brings together a bunch of pop culture properties through Lego bricks. But now we can see in action, and it looks wonderful. The Doctor and Batman together? Yes please.


Just unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer teases the Doctor Who level pack coming to the game, which brings The Twelfth Doctor (voiced by Peter Capaldi himself), Clara Oswald and a host of Doctor Who goodies and levels to the game. Yes, even the Daleks. Batman, Gandalf, and The Lego Movie’s Wyldstyle get to go up against the Daleks!


As lovely as the trailer is, you’ll want to stick it through to the very end—you’ll get to see every single version of The Doctor get Lego-ized for the game, and they look pretty damn great.

Lego Dimensions will be out September 27th.

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Doc Brown and the Doctor that is better than the Doctor and Batman.