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Doctor Who, I Love You!

Illustration for article titled Doctor Who, I Love You!

I fell in love with the time-traveling double-hearted weirdo from space long ago. Luckily, he feels the same way about me.


Deep down, under all of the other stuff about fighting monsters and robots and half-monster half-robot threats, Doctor Who is basically a show about the most generous person in the universe.

As former screenwriter Terrence Dicks once wrote, the Doctor is never cowardly or cruel. He always rejects the easy solution to his problems, and finds ways to save a statistically significant proportion of the bystanders from whatever hideous fiends were melting people this month. But he's also generous with his massive time-ship, hidden inside a (formerly) commonplace item like the Phantom Tollbooth. He's always scooping up ordinary people and whisking them away on adventures. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize that the Doctor would come and take me away from all of my boring life shit, in his TARDIS. But now that I realize that he already has, a million times. Happy Valentine's Day, Doctor.


Doctor Who Valentines cards from Enjoying The Journey.

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Scott Dagostino

Thanks, Charlie — that's a great summary of why we love the character and the show so very much :)

And Happy Valentine's Day!