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Doctor Who Helps Save Wretched Holiday Song with "12 Doctors of Christmas"

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube
Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

Is there seriously any other holiday song that’s more infuriating enduring than “12 Days of Christmas?” It’s long, repetitive, and features the worst gift list in humanity’s existence (except the 10 lords a’leaping, I’ll gladly take those). At least this version has lots of Doctors in it. who?


Doctor Puppet’s released its latest Doctor Who festive tribute, “12 Doctors of Christmas,” in anticipation of this year’s holiday special. The tune gives us a fortunately annotated version of the longest Christmas song in the world, with all 12 days representing all of the official Doctors’ “favorite things.”


Side note: When did we as a society decide “My Favorite Things” is a Christmas song?

The cute holiday puppet fest ends with a peek at our next Companion, played by Pearl Mackie, as Peter Capaldi’s Doctor hands her the TARDIS that contains the microscopic bodies of all the Doctors featured on the track. Wait...did the Doctor just “Flatline” his previous forms and forever trap them in a holiday prison that’s bigger on the inside? Talk about a creepy welcoming gift.


Clarification: Turns out the song is so wretched I didn’t remember how it went. There were 10 lords a’leaping, not nine. Well, more the merrier!

Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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Wretched holiday song?