Doctor Who Goes Back To The Womb

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New Doctor Who Matt Smith is using the time before he steps into the Tardis wisely, joining the cast of upcoming clone horror movie Womb. The boy obviously wants to show off his SF chops.

Womb — which will also star Bond Girl Eva Green (Casino Royale) — is being marketed as "one of the most touching and impressive love stories we have read in recent times," and takes place in a future where a grieving widow turns to cloning to return her husband to her. Expect moral and ethical dilemmas more than explosions and running around, perhaps, but still; there's something about this announcement that gives me hope about Smith's Who after all.

Eva Green To Star In Womb [Empire Online]

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Looks like he's already working on the David Tennant sideburns. Can the beat-up Converse be far behind?