The 1950s Doctor Who animated story "Dreamland" pulled out all the 50s-cliche stops: head-shop aliens, Cold War hysteria, Area 51, and rockabilly Native Americans. Especially this great sequence, showing a stoner-inspired space war. Spoilers below.

Okay, so "Dreamland" was pretty weak, except for a few funny bits where David Tennant brought a smidge of his typical wit and sparkle to the role. It was hard to take the computer-generated animation seriously, and the story pretty much made no sense whatsoever. But considering it was aimed at little kids and shown via the "red button" service and the children's BBC channel, it's best to take it on its own terms, as a fun bit of fluff. Who didn't want to hear David Tenant spout ridiculous Shakespearean puns like "Some are born crate, some have crateness thrust upon them?" And for me, it was pretty much worth it to watch the "grey" aliens with headbands and machine guns fighting Tractators/xenomorphs.


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