Doctor Who Fans (and Captain Kirk) Bid Farewell to Peter Capaldi in This Touching Video

Image: Still via YouTube
Image: Still via YouTube

In just six days, time is up for the the Twelfth Doctor. While the final goodbyes can be saved for Christmas Day, this heartfelt compilation of messages from fans from all over the world already has us dreading for the end (even if the moment has been prepared for). Also, William Shatner is here for some reason?


BBC America has published this quick collection of fan art (and in one instance, a fan puppet!) and messages from fans thanking Capaldi for his time on the show, both as an excellent Doctor and as a tireless ambassador for why Doctor Who touches the hearts of so many people.

Even Shatner is full of praise and well wishes, despite the jarring oddness of his presence. But the sentiment is the same whether you’re just an average fan or the former captain of the Federation’s flagship: A lot of people are going to be very misty-eyed come December 25.

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I know I’m alone in this, but I can’t stand the fact that we won’t use the right numbers. Capaldi is 13. Either the numbers are the order of regenerations, in which case the “War Doctor” is number 9 and the rest shift. Or it’s in the order of actors to play the role. In which case, you can leave Tennant and Smith, but Capaldi shifts after John Hurt.

The writing to fill a missing regeneration with the “War Doctor” was amazing. A clever idea like that should be rewarded. Not hidden. As Doctor Who fans we should have known better when we didn’t see the regeneration into Eccleston.

Just my opinion. I know I’m alone.

I’m excited to see Jodie Whittaker’s take. Is it Christmas yet?