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Doctor Who Faces The Question On Everyone's Lips

Illustration for article titled Doctor Who Faces The Question On Everyones Lips

Throughout the long history of television's longest-running SF show, one question has continually popped up (and more often than not, been answered in a way that the questioner didn't appreciate). But can you really sum up the forty-five year history of Doctor Who just by asking "What are you doing here?" Apparently, the answer is yes, if this eight minute tribute to our favorite Time Lord is anything to go by. See if your own favorite character appears to ask the question of the day, below.

The video - made by YouTube poster NoDaylight - was originally a birthday present for a friend:

This was a birthday present I made for my friend's 40th in 2005. We have a long-running in-joke about the phrase "What are you doing here?" cropping up everywhere in TV shows. As we also both like Doctor Who, doing this seemed like a good idea.


We dread to think just how long this took to put together - but we're grateful nonetheless. [YouTube]

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I just spotted Tom Baker on one of the new series 3 episodes of Miss Marple "Towards Zero" on Mystery and got all giddy. I really wish they'd put him in the new Doctor Who, at least as a cameo!