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Now that the raunchy Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is appearing in edited-kid-friendly repeats in the UK, there's a much greater chance the two BBC shows will cross over. Creator Russell T. Davies says he's just waiting for a good enough story to link the two time-travel series.


Davies tells the UK's Doctor Who Magazine :

We're building a strong, coherent, interconnected universe... but the answer, as ever, is story. If ever I think of a good story for Doctor Who and Torchwood to meet then I'll do it.


With both Captain Jack and Martha Jones already making the jump between series this year, we're obviously one step closer to an official crossover, but what kind of story could bring the two shows together? And will Sarah Jane Adventures get to join in all the fun?

(Hell, bring in K-9 And Company as well, just for old times' sake...)

Davies: 'Torchwood' stars may join 'Dr Who' [Digital]

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