Doctor Who And The Return Of The Underused Companions

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Doctor Who's most underrated companion, Martha Jones, will return for one of the 2009 specials, says actor Freema Agyeman. And now Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) wants to return as well. He should get his chance.


Just think about it — Martha and Mickey were last seen wandering off together, after all. At first, we thought the two of them were set to join the Torchwood gang, but apparently that didn't materialize. So who's to say they didn't go off and start their own world-saving biz together? Mostly, I'm eager to see what Clarke could do with the character of Mickey if he wasn't saddled with the perpetual role of Rose's mooning ex-boyfriend. He's a versatile enough actor (as his Orange Rising Star BAFTA nomination proves) that he might just surprise us. [Digital Spy]

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Isn't Martha and the Doctor supposed to have an episode where they are running next to Sally Sparrow's shop with crossbows or something?

I keep waiting for that bit of plot hole to close.