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Doctor: There Is "Absolutely No Way" Cloned Humans Won't Happen

Illustration for article titled Doctor: There Is Absolutely No Way Cloned Humans Wont Happen

Video of a fertility doctor injecting cloned human embryos into a woman's womb have made their way online, outraging the medical community. But the doctor in question is defiant about the importance of his work.


The video appeared on the website of British newspaper the Independent last week, immediately followed by scientists calling the procedures irresponsible, unethical and also just simply unreal. The doctor who's conducting the cloning experiments, Panayiotis Zavos, is unrepentant, however:

There is absolutely no doubt about it, and I may not be the one that does it, but the cloned child is coming. There is absolutely no way that it will not happen... In the future, when we get serious about executing things correctly, this thing will be very easy to do.


So far, none of Zavos' experiments has resulted in a successful pregnancy, but he claims it is only a matter of time:

We think we know why those four transfers didn't take. I think with better subjects – and there are hundreds of people out there who want to do this – if we choose 10 couples, I think we will get some to carry a pregnancy.

Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being' []

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Corpore Metal

Quite so and, that being the case, why would anyone want one? Doesn't seem a little narcissist as a parent to raise a kid that looks exactly like you did at that age?

Clones are also useless for organ donation too, they grow too slowly.

So what's the point? Why bother? And why all the fuss?

I never could understand it.