Do your politics determine your beer preference?

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Are you a Liberal? Do you like Heineken? Congratulations, so do a bunch of other self-identified left-wingers.


In a recent survey of 200,000 Americans, designed to examine the relationship between political affiliation and beer preference, researchers found that drinkers of the Dutch import are "strongly Democratic," while Republicans tended to prefer Sam Adams (they're also more likely to vote). The most bipartisan brew? Dos Equis.

Head on over to NationalJournal for a more detailed analysis of the survey results, including a chart that plots thirty beers against political affiliation and voter turnout.

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I think all beer is nasty. I group it with smoking—something you have to have some sort of outside pressure to have more than one sip/puff/etc. and then through repeated use eventually you become desensitized to the negative aspects of it and are left with whatever "positives" there are.