Do you want to see all of the new Universal Soldier movie in 90 seconds? Of course you do.

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The latest Kickpuncher Universal Soldier movie is coming out soon — and here's an excellent new trailer that ticks off all your boxes. Will Dolph Lundgren be screaming things like "YOUR MINDS ARE NOW YOUR OWN!"? Will Jean-Claude Van Damme be trashing lots of panes of glass while kicking and shooting big guns? Will there be a family man who you can squint and pretend is Jason Statham seeking revenge? Will there be some vaguely defined plot about supersoldiers trying to launch an uprising? Check, check, check, and check.

And the best news of all? The above trailer pretty much covers the entire movie in 90 seconds. Major time-saver.

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Unlike most women I know, I ADORE dumb splodey movies. LOVE them. The first Universal Soldier has always been one of my favourites—mostly for the fact that it's not that dumb (some of the humour is quite good, in fact). Also, I'm a huge Dolph Lundgren fangirl, and he is most assuredly *not* dumb in the least, although he likes to play it in the movies.

So, snort derisively all you like. I can't wait to see this movie—in its entirety. =D