Do you know more about science than the average American?

Feeling science-savvy? Take Pew Research Center’s 13 question Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz and see where you stand against a representative sampling of Americans.

"Representative sampling," in this instance, means 1,006 randomly sampled U.S. adults presented with the same questions in a survey conducted in collaboration between the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine. And while 13 questions may not give us the most complete idea of whether or not someone knows more about science than the next person, it is a decent enough litmus test, and gives rise to some interesting results.


You'll find a full analysis of the 1,000-person survey here – but take it for yourself first! That way you see your results compared against a full demographic breakdown of responses to each question.

Photo Credit: "The Endeavor Lifts Off," by Stuck in Customs

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