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Do you believe in ghosts?

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For centuries, humans have told stories about spirits returning from the dead to haunt the living. But in more recent times, scientists (and pseudoscientists) have offered alternate explanations for why people shiver in certain rooms and see apparitions. What do you think about the existence of ghosts? Take our poll!


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I voted "absolutely not," but looking again, I think the "psychic residue" is ambiguously worded.

Do I think traumatic events can leave some sort of objectively visible psychic material, phenomenon, or impression on the world? Of course not.

But do I think trauma could leave an impression on a person's mind leading them to see or want to see ghosts or other hallucinations? Certainly.

I'm not sure if "psychic residue" is literally meant to describe some sort of metaphysical spirit stuff or residual psychological phenomena. And obviously one is far more compatible with a philosophically and scientifically rigorous worldview than the other.