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Do we know the fates of two characters in Ridley Scott's Prometheus?

Illustration for article titled Do we know the fates of two characters in Ridley Scotts emPrometheus/em?
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Two British thespians join Chris Evans on board a post-apocalyptic train in Snow Piercer. Ti West's low-budget space movie The Side Effect finds its star. Plus tons of hints for Supernatural, True Blood, The Walking Dead Chuck, Grimm, and more!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Prometheus.


A newspaper profile of Scottish actress Kate Dickie, who plays First Officer Mudow, says the character lasts only 28 minutes into the film "before an alien eats her." Dickie reportedly dyed her hair blonde for the film, and the profile gives these additional details on her role:

Kate plays a tough first officer called Mudow, who needs to help her fellow crew members become acclimatised to their removal from cryo-sleep after a long space journey which ends on an apparently barren planet. With their muscles wasted from five years without use, she helps them to get fit – only for them to fall victims to horrible creatures that begin stalking them for food.


It's not at all clear where this information is coming from - indeed, the article itself mentions that Dickie and the rest of the cast are under strict orders to reveal nothing about the movie, so it's unlikely that she revealed these things herself. As such, it's probably best to take all this with a cautious grain of salt. [Bleeding Cool]

Guy Pearce revealed that his role in Ridley Scott's Alien prequel will be similar to his role in The Hurt Locker, at least in the sense that it will be very, very short:

"I'm only [in the film] for a minute, but it was a real honor to work with Ridley [Scott], to see what was going on. I think Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron and everybody will do a really spectacular job."

It's not clear what a one-minute cameo might comprise. It's possible that Pearce just shows up to give the characters their mission and send them on their way — sort of like Harrison Ford in Apocalypse Now, I guess — or he might show up and immediately get killed, which is very in keeping with what Ridley Scott with the name actors in the cast of Alien. Again, if his character here is anything like his role in The Hurt Locker, my money has to be on the latter. [MTV Movies Blog]

The Hobbit

Gollum actor and second unit director Andy Serkis talks about the movie's big villain, the dragon Smaug, who apparently is still pretty much top secret:

"Oh I can't give any secrets away. Because its still under wraps, it's still a secret character that is closely safe-guarded and is still in the design process. With an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch playing him, it will be extraordinary."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Snow Piercer

Michael Clayton and Burn After Reading's Tilda Swinton and Adventures of Tin-Tin star Jamie Bell will reportedly join Chris Evans in the post-apocalyptic train movie Snow Piercer, directed by The Host's Park Chan-wook as an adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. [Variety]



Here's a clip from the found footage movie about teens who develop superpowers.

Major Matt Mason

Justified showrunner Graham Yost discusses his script for this lunar colony film that he's writing for Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks:

Who knows what's going to happen with that, because Tom is very busy now acting in a bunch of things. I think he's doing "Cloud Atlas" now over in Europe. And then there's the -‑ I think probably going into the Maersk Alabama ("Captain Phillips") thing. So we'll see if it happens. I hope it does, because we both love lunar exploration. The story is set on the moon, near future, and it's a team of people on a base on the moon, on the south pole of the moon. And of course everything goes wrong. There's no bad guys. There's no aliens. Nothing like that. It's just, can you survive? It's really fun, and it's just been a blast working with Tom on that. We had such a good time on "From Earth to the Moon" that it's sort of like, "We've got to go back to the moon. Some way, somehow, let's go back to the moon.


The Side Effect

The House of the Devil director Ti West's low budget film is apparently moving ahead, as Lord of the Rings and Super actress Liv Tyler has reportedly signed on to play Catherine Rigby, who is described as "a woman who spends several months alone in space as an experimental subject for a global pharmaceutical company, and finds herself inexplicably pregnant... paranoia and hysteria reign as the truth behind conception grows more elusive and she remains stranded in space." [Deadline]


The Woman in Black

Here's a pair of featurettes for Daniel Radcliffe's supernatural Victorian thriller.


Elizabeth Banks discusses the plans for a live-action spin on the Peter Pan character Tinkerbell:

It's a live action Tinkerbell movie sort of in the vein of Elf in which I would play Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell gets thrown out of Never Never Land, and it's about where she goes and who she meets and the adventures she has.Tinkerbell is one of the greatest characters because she's mischievous and snarky and fun and sexy and jealous and vengeful. We're in script stage and everybody is really excited and blah, blah, doesn't mean anything. You might as well not even write it down because who knows, it might not even happen.


The script is currently being worked on by Fright Night's Marti Nixon. [Moviehole]

Doctor Who

Steven Moffat says there will be "at least fourteen episodes" in season seven, including the 2012 Christmas special:

"It'll be returning in the autumn. I won't say when exactly, but it'll be back in the autumn for a long run. I will just say, it will be at least 14 episodes. We always do 14, because we do the Christmas special as well. So being in the autumn, the Christmas special will be part of it as well."


That would seem to confirm the speculation that the Christmas special would air in the middle of the season, which might be set to begin in late 2012 and run to early 2013. He also had this to say about the fiftieth anniversary year in 2013:

"There will never be a better time to be a Doctor Who fan. Oh dear God. I think, knowing a certain amount of what's coming, there will never be a better time, I promise you, and I am just saying this as a Doctor Who fan myself. I promise you, for so many reasons I can't talk about."


[Whovian Net]


Here are some behind-the-scenes photos. [Give Me My Remote]

And here are some set photos. You can also check out a set video here. [SpoilerTV]


Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin talks up season two:

There are considerable more [risks] — no one is safe in this show, anyone can die at any time. The people who have read the books know there are some huge deaths and betrayals and reversals are coming. Nobody is quite as they seem.

How close will Season 2 stick to what transpires in the book?
They're sticking fairly close. So far, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss seem very much committed to making my story in a different medium rather than making a different story, which I'm a little in favor of. (Laughs.)


[Live Feeddx]

Here's a pair of set videos. You can also check out an overview of the Icelandic filming here.

True Blood

Genre TV mainstay Christopher Heyerdahl, whose credits include Supernatural, Sanctuary, Caprica, and Hell on Wheels, has reportedly been cast as a vampire for the fifth season. Specifically, he will play Dieter Braun, "an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys enhanced interrogation." [Deadline]


Costar Janina Gavankar reveals that "a major thing happens to Luna early in the season, and it's going to change her life forever", while Ryan Kwanten says Jason's romance with Jessica may be more than the character can handle. Joe Manganiello also reveals where Alcide is headed this season:

"As you saw at the end of Season 4, he's not taking anyone's s—- anymore. Now you're going to see an Alcide who's going to slam you up against the wall and do his thing. Who doesn't like being slammed up against the wall, right?...[On whether "slam" is a euphemism] It could be a fun slam. And it could be an angry slam. You never know? Alcide is single."


[TV Line]

The Walking Dead

Mildly acknowledging some of the criticisms of the pacing of the first half of season two, executive producer Glenn Mazzara suggests second half of season two will be an improvement:

"If there were episodes that felt as if they were stalling or if it felt that they weren't under threat, that perhaps the farm felt too safe and the threats were outside off the farm, a lot of that changes in the back part of the season. I think that things pick up. I think it just becomes more, I don't know what the word is, accelerated. The stakes are higher, more action packed, more interesting."


Fellow executive producer Gale Anne Hurd offered this preview of the second half of the season:

"I'm excited that we're going to begin to expand beyond Hershel's farm. We're going to encounter new survivors and what does that mean to the group? In addition to the conflict over the leadership of Team Rick vs. Team Shame and the triangle between Lori, Rick and Shane. We're going to encounter people who are survivors that... are they a new threat? Can they offer some sort of salvation?"


While comics creator Robert Kirkman also discussed the two characters spotted in a recently released sneak peek, and how they fit into the story:

"I don't want to reveal too much but I would say that it would be fairly unusual for those two people to be out there alone. Anyone who's familiar with the comic book series knows that while the zombies are threatening and terrifying and do represent a tremendous amount of danger for our characters, nothing compares to the danger that humans hold for each other. That's a big theme that we deal with in the comic book series and that's something that we're moving towards in the show as well. The capacity for humans to hurt each other is just infinite. As we explore this world in a broader sense and kind of open things up outside the farm in these episodes coming up, we're going to see that there are some tremendous threats out there and they're human in nature, not zombie."


There's plenty more at the link. [Bloody Disgusting]


Here's Zachary Levi's summation of the two-hour series finale:

"The first hour is super-intense drama and action and some tears are shed. And the second half also has some drama, but there's a lot of comedy, too."


[TV Line]


Theo Rossi, who plays SAMCRO tech specialist Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy, will play one of the time-displaced Alcatraz convicts named Sonny, "a business man with a dark side, who became ultra-violent during his stint 50 years ago at the infamous prison." [EW]


Executive producer Jack Bender says an upcoming episode will deal with the fact that Alcatraz was a segregated prison:

"All of the black prisoners were not allowed to mingle, eat with [the rest of the inmates]. This was 1963, so we're starting to deal with those issues."


[TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Here's a sneak peek at this Sunday's episode, "7:15 AM."

It's looking decently likely that Prince Charming and Snow White's alter egos David and Mary Margaret are headed for romance, if this item is anything to go by:

David (Josh Dallas) is about to make a big decision regarding his love life that should make David and Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) very happy.


[E! Online]


The next episode, "Of Mouse and Man", will reportedly see a mild-mannered man named Marty, played by Fred Koehler, unleash his angry side after years of abuse. One of his victims will apparently be Silas Weir Mitchell's Monroe, as you can see in a sneak peek clip over here.


Executive producer David Greenwalt addresses whether Nick is still planning to propose to Juliet:

"Nick did buy the ring, but his newfound Grimm abilities have interrupted his romantic plans - and his life in general. Nick and Juliette's relationship will be tested this season as Nick continues to hide his new abilities - yet Juliette's suspicions keep rising after she finds something of Nick's…and also finds herself in danger."


[TV Line]

The show is currently casting a pair of actors to play drug-addicted, lizard-like monsters called Skalengecks. [E! Online]



Here's a profile on David Mazouz's Jake, who is the mute, autistic, possibly supernaturally gifted son of Keifer Sutherland's character.



Star Jared Padalecki discusses Misha Collins's return as Castiel:

"He doesn't come back as Castiel per say. When he and the boys see each other, it's not like, 'Oh, Sam and Dean!' 'Oh, Castiel!' It's amnesia of sorts. He's still got great powers and we seek him out because we have an inkling that something's going on. I think Castiel, like Bobby (Jim Beaver), they can't come back as the good ol' Castiel and the good ol' Bobby because the audience starts to not take seriously what's going on."


And here are some set photos. [Socialite Life]

The Vampire Diaries

Klaus actor Joseph Morgan discusses the character's plans to hold a dinner party, which probably won't end well:

"There's always a little bit of violence involved in anything Klaus does - even if it starts as a sit down meal, it's all going to end in violence. There will be some things which aren't strictly within dinner party etiquette. Also, it's incredibly charged. Imagine having this powerful hybrid hosting a little dinner party. Who will be his guests? And what will the conversation be? And what will he serve for dinner? What will his table etiquette be? It's a really interesting idea. We've seen so much of him in physical confrontation with people, it's interesting to see a little bit more of his cultured side, his charm and his elegance there at the dinner table."


[TV Line]

And here's another interview with Joseph Morgan.

Illustration for article titled Do we know the fates of two characters in Ridley Scotts emPrometheus/em?

Here's a promo poster. [SpoilerTV]

The Secret Circle

Here's a promo for the next episode, "Witness." You can also check out a sneak peek for the episode here.


The CW has reportedly ordered this pilot for an adaptation of DC Comics's Green Arrow (along with a modern update of Beauty and the Beast, because why not?), and now a director has been lined up. David Nutter, whose previous credits include the pilots for Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Smallville, will reportedly handle directing duties. For more info on the pilot, check out our original report. [KSiteTV]


Lost Girl

Here's the official description for the fifteenth episode of season two, "Table for Fae":

What Bo uncovers while investigating the mysterious disappearance of human backpackers threatens her own fine physique. Meanwhile, the new man in Bo's life sets events in motion that force Kenzi to make a desperate choice.



Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.


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John Hazard

I just started watching Sherlock. The first ep pulled me in eventually, but the second lost me. Will give the third ep a try.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a really interesting actor with a good voice. I assume he's going to do motion capture, so he can fully play Smaug? That's got to be a weird thing to get your head around dragging himself around by his arms and acting like a flying lizard.