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Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is doing some filming in Wales, where a majestic waterfall is apparently going to double as the entrance to the Batcave. Bruce Wayne's cavernous headquarters didn't appear in The Dark Knight because Wayne Manor was destroyed in Batman Begins, but by all accounts a new Batcave has been built on a Los Angeles soundstage.


Spoilers ahead...

The Henrhyd Falls in Wales' Neath Valley are going to provide the waterfall-shrouded entrance to the cave — and according to one unnamed source quoted in the Welsh media account, the scene with the waterfall forms the opening sequence of the film. Says Wales Online:

One insider who witnessed the filming said: "They were there for a couple of days just a few weeks ago. I understand it's going to be used in the opening sequence of the film, as Batman discovers the Batcave. But we'll have to wait and see."


Given that the teaser trailer shows a Bruce Wayne who's abandoned his role as Batman, it seems odd that the film would start with Bruce discovering a new Batcave. So a grain of salt is definitely indicated. But we'll find out how it all fits together next summer. [Wales Online, via What Culture!]

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