Do we already know the villain of Thor 3?

Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We've got casting news for Game of Thrones and Poltergeist, Meryl Streep rocking her witch costume for Into the Woods, and a ton of information from the creators of Once Upon a Time. Plus, is Warner Bros. preparing a bunch more Potterverse movies? Spoilers ahead!

Thor 3

Yes, even though Thor: The Dark World isn't even out yet, we've already got some rumors for the next one. Speaking with Total Film, Tom Hiddleston said he's pitching Amora, also known as "The Enchantress," as the next villain:

When I was first reading the comics, the relationship with the Enchantress was one of the really fun things I thought would be good to explore and may have even pitched it to [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige at some point. Because she is as sneaky and as untrustworthy as he was.


They basically had a really fantastic and twisted relationship until they both say, ‘You know what? I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. It’s over.’ Because they keep betraying each other, in a way. So it could be good.


[Sci Fi Now]

Harry Potter

Following the announcement of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Warner Bros. has trademarked every trademarkable thing for the upcoming movie. They've also trademarked the other books, Quidditch Through the Ages and Tales of Beedle the Bard. Are they making those books into films, too, or just covering their bases? Wildly speculate in the comments!



New TV spot, because you need to be a little on edge today:

Into the Woods

Set photos show Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick as Prince Charming and Cinderella.


[Coming Soon]

And the first official look at Meryl Streep's witch:


[First Showing]

Paranormal Activity 5

We're still a year and change out from this, but it's going to be a spinoff directed by the editor of the rest of the franchise, Gregory Plotkin. As for the plot, apparently it'll involve, somehow, the after-credits scene of the "Marked Ones" from Paranormal Activity 4.




Maggie is a zombie film/family drama that shows a farm family helping their eldest daughter deal with her transformation into a zombie. It stars Abigail Breslin, and features, according to the photo he tweeted, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here's the photo, with director Henry Hobson, Breslin, and Schwarzenegger:


[Shock Till You Drop]


Added to the cast is Saxon Sharbino (Touch). She'll play Kedra Bowen, the eldest of three children. Jane Adams has also joined the film as a parapsychologist.


[Shock Till You Drop]


Dylan Neal will play Dr. Anthony Ivo and show up in island flashbacks. In this incarnation, he'll be a brutal and ruthless scientist obsessed with rediscovering a breakthrough from the end of World War II.



Game of Thrones

Head over here to see all the behind-the-scenes photos from season 4, but here's a few to whet your appetite:



And Joel Fry has been cast as Hizdahr Zo Loraq, a member of a Meereenese family whom Daenerys gets to know. [Entertainment Weekly]


Once Upon a Time

Exec Producers and co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have a ton to say about the new season:

How soon will we find out about Regina's new love interest?
Horowitz: Very early in the season we are going to address Regina's love interest. What that will be, how that will happen, that's a surprise we want to keep for now, but it's something we're really excited about. It's a side of the character of Regina we've only touched upon in the first few seasons. We're excited to see more of that and more importantly, exploring her capacity for love.
Kitsis: There may be somebody out there for Regina. The question is: Will she open her heart to that?
Horowitz: What we want to do with Regina with respect to a love interest is not just put a love interest just to have one. We want to make this part of the larger journey for the character over the course of the show. This is hopefully different from what we've done thus far. We've see Daniel (Noah Bean) in the past with her and what she went through. We saw her when she was young, innocent and uncorrupted falling in love and how that affected her and made her into the person she is today.
Kitsis: And in a lot of ways, that's all she's wanted to go back to.
Horowitz: Right. Now we want to say, "Well, what happens when the opportunity for love enters her life now when she's grappling with all these things and she's become the woman she is, flaws and all? How can she handle this? Can she open her heart to it? Can she accept it? Will it make her better or worse?" That's what we're really interested in exploring this season.

When will we find out what happened to Storybrooke?
Horowitz: It's going to be a little while before we're actually in Storybrooke.
Kitsis: We're going to see Belle (Emilie de Raven) in a very different form in the beginning.
Horowitz: She's going to be hopefully the Belle we all know and love. We have a surprising way she's coming into the story this year.
Kitsis: The first batch of episodes is really going to focus on Neverland and flashbacks.
Horowitz: But that's not to say there's no Belle.


There's a ton more at the link. [TV Guide]

They also talked to TV Line about the direction for the new season:

TVLINE | What questions or issues are you aiming to raise or explore with this journey?
KITSIS | Neverland, for us, is a place where you don’t grow up, and since you have no future, we feel like Neverland makes you confront your past. There was a certain speed to Season 2, and there were big issues raised that we didn’t catch our breath in enough time to explore — like, Emma questioning why she has magic. And Emma now knows that Mary Margaret and David are her parents, but does she really look at them like parents? And what is it like for them? What does it mean to be a mom as opposed to saying you’re a mom? And Regina was told by Greg Mendel, “You’re a villain, you don’t get a happy ending,” so she wonders if that’s true. We want to take the time to explore these big character things that we set up in Season 2. What I love about Neverland is it’s like you’re in the jungle. It’s magical and yet at the same time dark and sexy.

TVLINE | Among our characters there in Neverland, what dynamics are you excited to explore?
KITSIS | We’re really excited about all of it. We’re excited to see Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, who was going off on a suicide mission in the name of doing the right thing, because he believes his son is dead. You’ve got Emma grieving Bae, though of course we know that he’s alive. You’ve got Hook, who realized that revenge is not all it was cracked up to be, so maybe he’s thinking there’s a future for him and Emma. One of the things we’ve loved most is just having the group just be together, on this trek.


And, again, more at the link. [TV Line]

American Horror Story: Coven

Evan Peters, who plays a Tulane frat boy taken with Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), talks about the first time his character meets Zoe and how this season's writing is different from the previous ones:

They go to a party and he sees Taissa’s character there and immediately falls in love. It’s love at first sight. Then…to be determined. [. . .] The writing this year is funny. In between the scary stuff, it’s lighter and glamorous and sexy and funny and very cool.


[Entertainment Weekly]

The Vampire Diaries

The premiere will have some sort of "Stelena" moment, but it'll have a twist. And episode 4 is apparently a doozy of a tearjerker.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Here's the synopsis of episode 5.03, "Original Sin":

When Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) have the same dream that Stefan (Paul Wesley) is in danger and desperately needs their help, they convince Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to help them find Stefan. However, their plans are thwarted by a mysterious young woman named Tessa (guest star Janina Gavankar) who seems to know everything about Stefan's history. In flashbacks to a distant time and place, Tessa reveals the shocking secrets in her past and what she has planned for the future. She also has a disturbing message for Damon about his own future. Silas (Paul Wesley) forces an unwilling accomplice to help him search for Katherine, leading to a confusing and life-threatening situation for Matt (Zach Roerig). Finally, Silas reveals the reason he's determined to find Katherine, and Damon and Elena face a disturbing new reality. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Rebecca Sonnenshine.


And you can see some promo photos here. [K Site TV]


Almost Human

Here are interviews with the stars of Fox's new show.

Karl Urban:

Michael Ealy:

Lilli Taylor:

Minka Kelly:

[Buddy TV]

The Originals

The premiere will show some romantic chemistry between Elijah and Hayley, which, given that his brother got her pregnant, has got to be slightly awkward.


[E! Online]

The Returned

A&E are developing an American version of the French series by Fabrice Gobert and inspired by the movie Les Revenants by Robin Campillo. The series focuses on a small town where missing people, who everyone thought were dead. After they return and try to resume their lives, "strange phenomena and gruesome murders" start happening.



There are posters and cast photos here. [Multipleverse and Spoiler TV]


And here's the summary for 9.02, "Devil May Care":

ABADDON RISES —- Dean (Jensen Ackles) shocks Sam (Jared Padalecki) by popping open the trunk of the Impala and showing him that he has kidnapped Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) freaks out when he sees the King of Hell, but Sam and Dean convince him that they need Crowley to find the demons on Earth. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman) re-emerges and plans to take over Hell. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#901).


[Spoiler TV]

Person of Interest

Here's the synopsis for episode 3.03, "Lady Killer":

Reese and Finch enlist the help of Carter, Shaw and Zoe Morgan, who use their feminine wiles to bait a chameleon playboy who is either a predator or someone else’s imminent prey. Meanwhile, The Machine helps Root to plot an escape from her psych ward confinement before a dangerous enemy can track her down.


[Spoiler TV]

And here's a new promo photo:


[Spoiler TV]

Beauty and the Beast

Here's the official summary of episode 2.02 "Kidnapped":

VINCENT'S FEELINGS FOR CAT START TO RE-SURFACE JUST AS SHE DISCOVERS HOW DANGEROUS HE REALLY IS —- While attempting to learn more about Vincent's (Jay Ryan) mission, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) gets kidnapped by Vincent. Their growing chemistry complicates his mission. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello), J.T. (Austin Basis) and Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) come together to help Cat. Rick Bota directed the episode written by Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper (#202)


There's also a bunch of promo photos for that episode here. [K Site TV]


Sleepy Hollow

Here are a bunch of previews for this week's episode, "The Triumph of Evil":

Episode 1.04, "The Lesser Key of Solomon," apparently has our heroes face spiders, according to this promo still:


More photos can be found here. Plus, the synopsis for the same episode:

When Abbie’s sister escapes from a psychiatric hospital, Ichabod helps Abbie search for her; Ichabod and Abbie learn more about the evil they are facing, including its name.




David Giuntoli says things are going to be really bad for Nick:

Really bad. Nick will do a lot of damage and he'll be forever changed as result of this. [Laughs] There's going to be a lot of zombie residue! It's like the Royal Families want him to recruit and control whole armies of Wesen. Their goal is to make him do whatever they want him to do, but things go horribly amiss. He's just like the other zombies we saw at the end of last season — the ones inspired by the original zombie-voodoo lore that came out of Haiti. Zombie Nick doesn't amble along the thoroughfare dragging his feet like the zombies on that, ahem, other show. He's wicked fast and all super-rage. He's total destruction!


[Spoiler TV]

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