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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Warner Bros. has unveiled the Green Lantern tie-in toys that might reveal what constructs Hal Jordan forms in the movie. See more photos of the new Spider-Man running through the streets. And The Hunger Games has a release date. Spoilers!


Spider-Man Reboot

Here's a bunch of new set photos: [Marie Claire]

Green Lantern

Warner Bros. and Mattel have released images of the various tie-in toys, and they might well reveal some of the things that Hal Jordan might make out of green energy, using his ring, in the finished film. There's "gun", "scorpion", "griffin", and, my personal favorite, "hand." Check out the gallery for a closer look at them: [The HD Room]


Source Code

We've already seen the more artistic poster for Duncan Jones's upcoming film, and now the more traditional poster has been released. It's pretty awesome in its own right: [Yahoo]

The Hunger Games

Lionsgate has set a release date of March 23, 2012 for the Suzanne Collins adaptation. Still no word on who will be in it, but the cast should be announced soon. [Cinematical]



Promo photos are out for episode 13, "Immortality": [SpoilerTV]

Here's a few set photos: [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who

Dan Johnston and Charlie Baker have reportedly been cast as "Thin Man" and "Fat Man", and both are believed to appear in mid-series finale episode 7. [DoctorWhoSpoilers]



A promo is out for next week's "Chuck vs. the Push Mix":

Here's a quick teaser for episode 14, "Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible":

Chuck's decision to wait puts him at odds with Sarah, who tries to convince him to see things her way.



Here's a lengthy casting call for episode 16, "Chuck vs. the First Mate":

1.) FEMALE (mid 20s; Caucasian) - VIVIAN. 25, beautiful, charming, intelligent - a sophisticated socialite. Currently enrolled at Oxford studying history. She thinks her father is an oil tycoon, but in truth he is a criminal mastermind. Must be comfortable on and able to ride horses. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR;
2.) MALE (late 30s; Caucasian) - BORIS. Arrogant, International Assassin. Must speak multiple languages including Russian, Italian, German and English. Casual about his assassin ways, think Clive Owen. GUEST STAR;
3.) FEMALE (40s; Caucasian) - JANE BENTLEY. 40, the Director of NCS. This woman oozes power and control. She has come to make an offer to Casey (Adam Baldwin). RECURRING GUEST STAR;
4.) MALE (50s; Caucasian) - JUREK. 50, Russian man. Must speak Russian. CO-STAR;
5.) FEMALE (mid 30s; Caucasian) - ANTONIA. 35, sexy, Italian. Must speak Italian. CO-STAR;
6.) MALE (late 30s; Caucasian) - CHRISTOPH. 38, husky German man. Must speak German. CO-STAR


The Jane Bentley character sure sounds like what we've heard about Robin Givens's character, although she isn't Caucasian, so I guess this might be someone else. [New Faces]

Wonder Woman

Now that David E. Kelley's pilot script has been picked up by NBC, the next big question is who will direct. The likely choice is reportedly Charlie's Angels and Terminator Salvation director McG, who despite his spotty film record has helped bring to air a bunch of successful genre shows, including Chuck (for which he also directed the pilot), Supernatural, Nikita, and Human Target. [TV Line]


The Cape

Here's a pair of promos for episode 5, "Dice": [SpoilerTV]

Episode 10 is reportedly called "Endgame", and it's probably not an adaptation of the Samuel Beckett play about a guy whose parents live in a trash can. Rather, it focuses on supervillain Peter Fleming's attempts to control Palm City. []


Izabella Miko's Raia, one of Vince's newfound circus friends, will apparently want to become more than friends...whether Vince wants to or not. Creator Tom Wheeler explains:

"She has a very strong crush on Vince - and there are plans to have that crush tilt into obsession. We have big plans for Raia."


[TV Line]

The Event

Executive producer Evan Katz explains how the season finale will operate, since they still don't know whether there will be a second season:

"[It will] complete the story of the first season, while setting up a radically different condition in the world for the second season - in the hopes that there is one."


[TV Line]

Here's a video in which star Jason Ritter takes you around the set: [E! Online] Click to view



Sonya Salomaa, who played Adrian Veidt's assistant in Watchmen, has reportedly been cast as the angel Rachel, who is a tough, no-nonsense enforcer for Castiel. [TV Guide]


As a follow-up to yesterday's item, here's the interview where Rob Benedict hints at a return for his character Chuck Shurley: [MingleMedia; thanks to JD Piche for the tip!]

There have been plenty of hints of this already, what with the funeral set photos and all, but it appears two recurring characters will soon die, as opposed to just one. [TV Line]


Being Human (US)

Here's a promo and sneak peek for episode 3, "Something to Watch Over Me": [SpoilerTV] Click to view

Click to view



Elizabeth Mitchell explains that Erica will share some romantic tension with her new partner Chris Bolling, played by The Shield's Jay Karnes, but he'll be staying away from the Fifth Column for the time being:

"Of course there's romantic chemistry, and Jay is exactly the kind of guy I'd go for. He's fun and they poke at each other. There's a little something there [between them] and she now has several men that she likes. There's all kind of secret stuff going on with him, and he's got his own stuff to do."


[TV Guide]

Morena Baccarin says original V star Marc Singer, who first appears in the season finale, will be a regular part of the cast if the show gets a third season. There are a few other tidbits at the link. [Teen Television]



Here's a lengthy preview of the upcoming episode "Collateral":

"Collateral" will apparently get Clark closer to actually flying than he ever has before. Also, the Justice League will become an even stronger, more cohesive unit in the wake of Hawkman's sacrifice. [TV Guide]


Lois Lane portrayer Erica Durance offers this mid-season preview:

Here's a complete collection of the various promo photos for the rest of the season: [SpoilerTV]


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