Do Those Household Life Hacks Really Work? See 30 Of Them In Action

We love seeing those little life hacks that are supposed to make everyday tasks — from painting your walls to scooping ice cream — just a little bit easier. But how many of them really work as well as their proponents claim? This video puts 30 supposed life hacks to the test.

John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, hosts this charming video from Mental Floss testing out different supposed hacks. Some of them we'd like to retest for ourselves (for one thing, we wonder how old his "old" eggs really were), but it's fun to watch him try things one by one — and see which ones actually do succeed.

Here are some earlier life hack tests from the Mental Floss series:

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Okay so: who the hell even opens the banana at the stem? And second of all, what was that pomegranate that was all muddish brown on the inside?

And I'm not sure how he screwed up the eggs one (same age eggs?), but it definitely works.