Do these new Green Lantern storyboards confirm another old-school comic book villain?

New images and storyboards from Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern movie have us scratching our heads. We already know of two super villains in the film, but could there be a third? Check out the spoilery images and speculate with us.


The images (which come from Comic Book Movie) seem to imply a few things. The captain to the story board seems to imply that Green Lantern villain Krona is somehow connected to Parallax (an evil beast we already know is in the movie). Krona is an Oan scientist whose desire to witness the creation of the universe accidentally created the DC "multiverse." In the storyboards it appears that Krona is emerging from the Parallax. And this isn't the first time we've heard this rumor, so maybe it's true! Or maybe someone is just messing with us fans.

To see more Green Lantern goodies go to Comic Book Movie, where they also have some concept art of Space Corps City destruction.


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