Do these 7 clips from Natalie Portman's Your Highness make you laugh?

It's been a bit of a sad stretch for genre comedies. Needless to say, our hopes for the mock epic fantasy Your Highness are very high. So, is it funny? Do these collection of clips make you laugh, or groan?

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Anekanta - spoon denier

These scenes aren't terribly amusing, but I don't think they can be when they're viewed out of context like this.

I'm content enough to wait and see the full film and judge its entertainment value as a whole piece.

I'm sure it will be reasonably fun, though.

However, one thing I will say—-the whole "Macho jerk who doesn't get that women can be capable too" thing is getting kind of old. I know there's still plenty of men out there like that, but it just doesn't seem like a source of comedy anymore. Now it's just sad.