Do the Words You Need Not Exist Yet? Good, Let's Make Some Up!

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The folks over at Language Log are calling the word tuhao (definition: bling) "the hottest term on the Chinese internet these days." Today, we want to know your favorite new words spawned by the internet. Is the word you need not yet flying all over the interwebs? Then now is exactly the right time to propose it.


It could be a repurposed word like tuhao (which LL informs us was once a 1,500-year-old word for a bullying landlord), a mash-up neologism you've seen (and liked) online, or something altogether new (Forget jetpacks. Where is my word for being just outside of the pizza delivery zone, Future?).

Start increasing our collective online lexicon now, in the comments below.

Image: Taro Tyler.

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Why exactly haven't you come up with your own word for Schadenfreude, yet? America gave the world Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges. You practically invented the genre.