Do Not Watch These Two New Wonder Woman Clips, Because They Are Too Awesome

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Given these tumultuous times, there’s a real comfort in knowing that WB/DC somehow managed to get a live-action Wonder Woman movie right while hilariously flubbing Batman and Superman. We should all be immensely looking forward to the film, which is why I very recommend you don’t watch these new, completely amazing clips.

Seriously. They are great, and now that we know that the movie is excellent, I think we should all try to keep as much of it as a surprise as possible. So please, don’t watch this clip of Diana beginning her fight with evil German general Ludendorff, in which she’s so badass that he can’t wrap his head around it:


Did you see what she did to that gun? I hope not! It was amazing!

And you definitely shouldn’t watch this fantastic clip which primarily features Robin Wright’s Antiope being a complete badass to the point she’s genuinely scary... until Diana essentially calls a time-out to remind everyone why she’s the one they call Wonder Woman.

I promise, these are both so great you’ll be glad you didn’t see them.

[Syfy Wire]

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Only watched the first one (cuz keeping as much new as possible is worth an attempt like you say), but combine that with the one where she saves Chris Pine from gunmen and it’s got me wondering...

Isn’t Wonder Woman meant to be Superman level? I don’t know much about her character at all, but I always assumed she had (not only super strength, the lassoo of truth(?), an invisible jet, immunity to non-sharp things and cool hair but also) super speed like Superman?

I know you don’t often see Supes using his super speed in fights (Man of Steel is like the only time I think I’ve seen it happen outside of Smallville), but if she has it then shouldn’t these scenes be like... faster?

Or is it something she only gets later on? Or is it something I’ve been grossly misinformed about and she’s actually just super strong?