Do not operate heavy machinery while watching this creeptastic trailer for Warren Ellis' Gun Machine

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We already showed you the moody, intense first trailer for Warren Ellis' new novel Gun Machine, with narration by Wil Wheaton and art by Ben Templesmith. Now check out a crazier, possibly creepier trailer directed by Siege, aka Clayton Cubitt.


The "dream" version of this trailer appeared the other day at Vulture — but now here, exclusively at io9, is the "nightmare" version. Warning: may cause epilepsy and feelings of deep uneasiness.


Director: Siege, aka Clayton Cubitt
Editing, Compositing, Effects: Jeff Dragon
Soundtrack: Meredith Yayanos
Grooming: Katie Wedlund
Wardrobe: Signe Yberg
The Hunter: Joe Heaps Nelson
Additional audio effects: CGEffex via Freesound

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Sorry, I'm just not getting this trailer. What's the title of this book and who's it by?