Do Iron Man 2 Action Figures Give Away The Movie's Climax?

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The other day, we showed you the Japanese figure of Tony Stark's newest armor from Iron Man 2. And now new images of Iron Man 2 toys have shown up, including major hints about the movie's crux. Spoilers below...

You already know from the trailer that James Rhodes gets turned against Tony Stark somewhat in this film, and you probably also noticed the intense firepower that Rhodey is toting as War Machine (which we asked director Jon Favreau about at Comic Con.) Now the packaging for War Machine's action figure reveals more:

Created for James Rhodes by reverse-engineering Tony Stark's Iron Man, the War Machine armor differs from it's predecessor not only in terms of color but also possesses more destructive weapons and raw firepower.

Forced to choose between following orders and helping his friend, Rhodes must decide once and for all where his loyalties lie.


I'm guessing the film ends with Rhodey abandoning his military career to join up with Tony full time.

Meanwhile, the box description for the Mark VI armor also gives a few hints:

No longer powerful enough to deal with his enemies' advanced tech, Tony Stark upgrades his Iron Man Armor designs ever further to create the Mark VI Iron Man!

With a new and improved Arc Reactor both powering his armor and keeping him alive, not even the high-tech devastation caused by Whiplash and Hammer Industries can stop the Invincible Iron Man in Mark VI Armor.

We know a major plot in the new movie involves Tony trying to learn about his father's research into an alternative energy supply. And it sounds as though, among other things, that culminates in Tony developing a new, more powerful Arc Reactor.

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the movies are based on the comic book. for the fans, they know what to expect. for the non-fans, i doubt they come to io9. personally, i never got into iron man so this doesnt ruin anything for me. i havent seen iron man 1 yet