Do Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and E.T. Take Place In A Shared Universe?

Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and ET, all seem like very different stories. But could all three stories actually take place in the same universe? A new theory says yes — and lays out a path for just how they might be connected.

After reading through this list of reasons that Star Wars' galaxy far, far away might actually just be our own Milky Way, commenter plaidboy suggested that the Star Wars' universe might be even more packed with stories than we knew.


After compiling a host of on-screen evidence for the crossover — including the evocatively-named Club Obi Wan that Indy visits in Temple of Doom, the oddly familiar hieroglyphic robots sketched out on the walls in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the presence of E.T.'s distant relatives in Star Wars' galactic senatehe sketched out this explanation for how all three movies could be linked into the same universe:

I'm loathe to validate anything about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But stick with me here; it's a little meta.

Let's start by looking at things chronologically and diagetically, beginning a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

The Star Wars happen. Yoda is a prominent senate member. Also in the galactic senate: representatives of the alien race that would eventually include ET.

On earth:

1936, China - Indiana Jones meets Lao Che in Club Obi Wan.

1938, Egypt - Indiana Jones passes hieroglyphic depicting R2-D2 and C3PO.

1982, America - Young Elliot befriends a stranded alien, ET, and shows him action figures of Lando and Greedo.

The Star Wars, as a story, exists on Earth. As a story. But then, on Halloween, ET sees a boy dressed as YODA and RECOGNIZES HIM. So not only is Star Wars a story on Earth, but it's now confirmed as a TRUE story.

We can see the story was laid out on the walls of the tombs and pyramids, thousands of years ago. This story eventually moved across the Asiatic continent, inspire legends and myths of lone samurai types defeating an empire, translating itself into lifestyles of the orient, and eventually, Club Obi Wan. Its universal heroes made their way into the cultural consciousness, eventually resulting in an epic film series depicting these ancient characters, ripping the story and images directly from the walls of the now well investigated tombs.

So then, how did this story get here?

The pyramids of the east and west were mysteriously built around the same time period by cultures an ocean apart. It's long been theorized that there was some sort of extraterrestrial intervention. This is confirmed by the presence of the aliens in Crystal Skull, their ship buried underneath a pyramid in Central America.

Given these diagetic clues, I think it's completely reasonable to assume that the crystal skull aliens brought us this story, immortalizing it on the walls of the structures they helped us to build. Their gift was knowledge. Knowledge of the Star Wars.

What do you say? Are you convinced that the stories could take place in the same universe? Tell us why — along with any evidence for or against — in the comments.

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