Do Alien Creatures Based On Earth Animals Get Your Goat?

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What's with the preponderence of cat-women, lizard-men, rhino-dudes and Prawns among aliens in science fiction? Heather at the Galaxy Express argues we need to curb our "zoomorphism" or at least find ways to make animal-based aliens more alien. [Galaxy Express]


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This is an old argument. I have heard and read about people saying it all the time. We are only limited by our imagination. Our imagination is often shaped and limited by the world we live in. Not to mention you do have to be able to create beings that people can believe in. If you had an alien that looked like a tube of toothpaste and developed space travel just so it could seek out new life forms so that it could listen to the sounds of different beings digesting some fish-mushroom from its home world, people would probably loose interest in your stories relatively quickly. But then again I could be wrong. That being said, I like cat aliens. Especially ones who like peanut butter.