DNA gets backup dancers in evolution-themed rap videos

This one goes out to all the chordates in the house. The Rap Guide to Evolution is a musical tour through natural selection, DNA, and all the various processes that have made the world such a hotbed of biodiversity. These may be the only rap videos you see today that namecheck Watson and Crick.

Baba Brinkman released the ten-track, peer-reviewed album in 2009, and has brought his evolutionary rap on the road with a stage show. The videos show off earnest and clever rap songs that manage to be educational without being hokey.


[via Scientific American via It's Okay to be Smart]

"Natural Selection" featuring DJ Richard Dawkins, with lyrics by Charles Darwin.

"Survival of the Fittest" dedicated to the world's evolutionary psychologists.

"Worst Comes to Worst" a feel-good, Galapagos-themed call for human unity.

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