DJ Caruso Talks About Fearsome Females from "Y: The Last Man"

As DJ Caruso’s script for his Y: The Last Man adaptation nears completion, his vision of the films’ all-female world is taking shape. He's revealed what we can expect from his core female characters.

Caruso is adapting Brian K. Vaughn’s graphic novel series Y: The Last Man, about a young man, Yorick, and his monkey who are the sole male survivors of a mysterious gendercide. Caruso is planning to cast Shia LaBeouf as Yorick, but won’t show the Transformers actor the script for the three-picture adaptation until he has a more definite version of the script. Currently, Caruso and Carl Ellsworth are revising earlier portions of the script, and getting a clearer view of how they’ll treat Y’s leading ladies. According to SciFi Wire:

The graphic novel features a menagerie of compelling female characters, including Yorick's conflicted sister, Hero; the kick-ass government Agent 355, who is his bodyguard; and 355's sinister fellow agent, 711. The movie will include all of them, but not as they appear in the books.

"Yorick's sister, Hero, is in the script at this point, but she is not as much of a character as she was in the first draft," Caruso said. "Right now, she's sprinkled throughout, but she's not a major, major character."

Caruso added: "The 711 character is in it, and she's insane. She does teach [Yorick] a life lesson or two in a very interesting way. It's a comedic, yet horrifying, scene. She's very cool."


Although Caruso couldn’t possibly squeeze every one of Vaughn’s plotlines into even three films, I can’t help but wonder what Hero’s reduced role means for the Amazons, the anti-male group that features prominently early in the series. And there is still no mention of Alter, the nigh-unstoppable Israeli soldier and frequent antagonist of Yorick and company. But Caruso promises that the trilogy’s third act will closely follow the ending of the series. Hopefully, he’ll also remember that, while Yorick is the protagonist of Y, it’s also a story about the women.

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