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Sure, it might look easy to make yourself your very own Dalek after watching a couple of episodes of Doctor Who, but have you really thought it all the way through? For those who have the urge to make their own versions of Russell T. Davies' favorite murderous time-spanning cyborgs, there's always Project Dalek, an online community dedicated to making sure that anyone can become Davros if they're willing to work hard enough.

The mission statement behind the community is admirable in its simplicity:

We like Daleks, here at Project Dalek. We like them a lot. We want more Daleks in this world. We don't really care what size they are - scale models or full-size Daleks. We don't care if they are 'real' or CG renders. So long as they are Daleks we are happy.


And the community is willing to go as far as it takes in order to make your own Dalek dreams come true, whether it be providing a comprehensive photo gallery of all of the different flavors of Dalek to choose from, taking apart Daleks so that you can study each and every section of them to be better able to recreate brilliance, or even providing a free manual to guide you on your Dalek-building journey.

The manual is impressively thorough:

Daleks are fun to play around in but after a while they can make your leg muscles cry for mercy. It's at this point that many Dalek builders look for salvation in the form of... motorisation.

How many other killing-machine-building hobbyists would care about your leg muscles?

If you're already excited at the prospect of joining this inevitably-growing community, but don't know where to start, don't worry - They have plans to tell you how to build a multitude of Dalek models. So, now there's no excuse! Go on! World domination is only a step away! Potentially!


[Project Dalek]

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I've got some friends who actually have built their own Dalek (from

the Tom Baker "Genesis of the Daleks" era) They had originally planned

to build at least four of them for some fan film projects, but after

the first one they kind of ran out of steam.

I've always dreamed of trying to get a massive gathering of Daleks

at Dragon*Con. Just to outdo the Star Wars Armor Geek Brigade :)