Global warming has flooded the tunnels of the Christianshavn part of the Copenhagen metro network. Now the metro is occupied by whales and the occasional diver. Other strange things are happening to Copenhagen too.

This scenario is part of an elaborate and whimsical futurist mapping project called Radiant Copenhagen. If you navigate around the Copenhagen city map created by people working on the project, you'll discover information about everything from bizarre new venereal diseases (spread by Fuck Sects of course) to a crucial research organization called the Center of Improbability and Invisibility.


Artist Kristoffer Ørum explains Radiant Copenhagen:

Anders Bojen, Kristoffer Ørum, Kaspar Bonnén and Rune Graulund have worked with a team of architects, artists, designers, engineers and musicians to create an alternate vision of Copenhagen, an imaginary future as a reaction to present day. All contributors share an interest in alternative realities and how these, through the internet and other media, play an increasing important role in our common understanding of the world . . . Using Google maps and Wiki technologies, the group has created a Copenhagen dressed in dystopian scenery and amusing attire.


You can navigate through the delightfully bizarre world of future Copenhagen using Google maps.

This is one of those delightful time-wasters that will actually make your brain explode with new ideas - and weird ones. You'll learn about everything from "bubble architecture," below, to the history of nano accidents in the city.

Check out Radiant Copenhagen. It's worth the trip.