Dive into the Brains of More Psychos in The Cell 2

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Cell 2, the straight-to-DVD movie, is supposed to hit shelves around October 14, according to Shock Till You Drop. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez will not be reprising her role as a emotionally attached, mind-invading child psychologist, nor will crazy intestine-pulling Vincent D'Onofrio reappear. Instead, there's a whole new ball of crazy.

The new leading character is Maya, brought to life by Tessie Santiago (Old School), and Frank Whaley (Field of Dreams) joins her as a character named Duncan. This Cell follows a serial killer named The Cusp who kills his victims and then brings them back to life over and over again until they beg for their own demise. Maya is a past Cusp victim, who was forced into a coma because of his brutal torture. Maya has to enter Cuspy's brain in order to save his other victims. Although the plot sounds promising, you have to wonder if the reason the original Cell was good was due to the surreal settings, or the fact that Vincent D'Onofiro completely sold the role as crazed-horn god. Sadly this movie will probably have neither. [Shock Till You Drop]

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