District 9's Alien Ship Is One Beautiful Space Mess

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It may be a broken-down space wreck housing a mess of aliens rolling about in their own filth, but District 9's mothership sure is a beauty. This newly-released concept art from Greg Broadmore shows the ship in full, trashed glory.


We've talked to Broadmore about space weaponry before, specifically his love of ray guns. But you can check in on the man who helped craft Neill Blomkamp's alien power suit over at his blog.

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I like the original idea he had that after 20 years, the ship would have graffiti and advertisements plastered across the ship's surface. I love combining everyday mundanity with the fantastic and out-of-this-world. But I think the gray, drab look suited it to create that looming and imposing feature in the sky. If they make a sequel, it'll be a sad movie without it.