District 9 Poster Light On Subtlety

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It's no secret we're on pins and needles excited for Neill Blomkamp's District 9. Which is why I'm hoping that this is a Photoshop fakery. It's pretty blatant, and for a movie where the aliens are strikingly beautiful, sad and scary all rolled into one, this seems rather obvious, especially with the spaceship in the back. [Row Three]


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Corpore Metal

Yeah, I agree. The art directors and ad people who put this one together should turn in their easels and Wacom draw pads.

It would have been better with simple government notice, full of text, very similar to the one issued to Japanese Americans during World War II, and then just put the flying saucer in the background. No bullet holes in it but perhaps a bit worn and tattered.

And then just trust the people to figure it out.