District 9 Debuts First Alien-Abuse Footage

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Scenes from Neill Blomkamp's alien intolerance film, District 9, were screened at ShoWest. We've touched on Blomkamp's brilliant short Alive In Joburg, and D9's immense alien segregation campaign before, but the footage sounds incredibly gripping.


Blomkamp was originally tapped to direct Halo but when that fell through Peter Jackson brought him on to helm this alien-discrimination flick.


District 9 follows the segregation that takes place in Africa when a large UFO lands just above Earth and it's inhabitants are forced to live amongst humans. I'm assuming the cultural divide and fear between the two species is how the poor aliens get stuck in their own quarantined zones, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

According to reports, the movie sounds like it was shot very similar to Joburg, in a pseudo-documentary style. The movie follows a main character who gets squirted with some sort of liquid while inspecting one of the many alien shanties, which turns this guy into "one of them."


Even though it was not complete, everything looked very real and gritty, and not so other worldly like other sci-fi films. The alien creatures are tall and red, and the closest thing I can compare them to is the Predator. The end of the footage featured a lot of quick cuts, but we got to see a bunch of explosions and the use of alien-looking weapontry.


First Showing has a good description:

The aliens, which we got a few glimpses of, reminded me a lot of the turians from Mass Effect. They were much taller than most humans and came in different sizes and colors. We saw some actions scenes with explosions and the MNU police attacking the aliens, but all in small scale (a lot like Cloverfield).



But at some point this new infection inspires him to go back into District 9 and actually get to know the aliens, who apparently speak English and have names like Christopher. He tells them "I did not know they were doing this to you guys," over footage of aliens being beaten by armed guards, and then is seen shooting a gun in the general direction of fellow humans.


Check out the sites for the full detailed recap, I'm literally turning Orion Slave-girl shade of green, with jealousy over everyone who got to see this footage. Debuting a bit of footage at ShoWest, paired with the insane viral marketing that covered the halls, bathrooms and restaurants at San Diego Comic Con, can only mean one thing, I'll be sitting front row in center the the very likely District 9 panel at this year's Comic Con. You can have your AVATAR - I'll take down-to-Earth anti-alien intolerance any day.

Here's Alive In Joburg to give you a taste of Blomkamp's work and, hopefully, what everyone is talking about:


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I saw an earlier treatment of this years ago on a series on PBS. The documentary approach is done so believably, love the little touches like the man-in-the-street bits and the pixelating the eyes of the aliens to protect their identity. Although now that I think about it, that may have been done to save on makeup costs. If so, it's a brilliant solution and further shows the ingenuity of the minds behind this project.

It's very exciting to see this developed into a feature-length film. This may pave the way for more serious SF projects. My tentacles quiver with anticipation!