Dissect The Tenth Doctor's Last Days

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Still wondering who that woman was in the last Doctor Who episode? Or wanting to find out just what "Waters of Mars" was all about? Now you can read the scripts for the 2009 specials for yourself.


The full shooting scripts for "The Next Doctor," "Planet of The Dead," "The Waters of Mars" and both parts of "The End of Time" - as well as scripts for five episodes from season four and the 2007 Christmas Special, "Voyage of The Damned" - have been made available for download to support the new edition of Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook's wonderful book, Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale, which - as we've already told you - is full of all kinds of behind the scenes information about the show's last year.


The Missing Scripts [The Writer's Tale]

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OK, I know this is a bit of a dead thread, but I had a thought: Rassilon... we're trying to figure out why he's now supposedly evil, or power mad, or what have you. Granted, the books and audio dramas may have painted him darker, but for those without the benefit of that 'expanded universe' DW, here's a thought:

What if he's had a bad regeneration, like the Doctor supposedly does in his final regeneration (aka the Valyard?). That could explain a lot.

Just a thought.