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A young boy who can manipulate machines with his mind finds a massive robot that was built to defend the world from monsters. Together, he and his three friends must band together to pilot the robot—and help save the world!


If that was the plot to a movie, it would almost surely be a big summer blockbuster. But in this case, it’s actually new show coming to Disney XD. The show is called Mech-X4, named after the robot in question, and it was just greenlit for a Fall 2016 premiere.

Though the description obviously feels like a mix of The Iron Giant, Power Rangers and Pacific Rim—with a bit of The Matrix in there too—don’t expect the tone of any of those. This is Disney, after all, so this futuristic adventure premise is primarily going to be turned into a family comedy. But unlike many other shows aimed at that audience, this will be serialized, with lots of special effects and even a dense mythology. Very cool stuff.


Mech-X4 was created by producer Steve Marmel and stars Nathaniel James Potvin, Kamran Lucas, Pearce Joza and Raymond Cham. It’s currently in production.

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