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Disney's Mistresses of Villainy Descend Upon New York Fashion Week

Designer Philippe Blond channels Maleficent post-Prince Phillip battle, bloody chest wound and all.
Designer Philippe Blond channels Maleficent post-Prince Phillip battle, bloody chest wound and all.
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (The Blond)

Disney’s villains may be doomed to fail, but damn are they going to look fabulous while doing it. Fashion house the Blonds debuted its Spring 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week, inspired by the lovely, the powerful, and the so-bad-they’re-good Disney queens and kings of evil.


The Disney Villains x The Blonds fashion show featured some stylish takes on Ursula, Cruella DeVil, Maleficent, and more. It was delicious evil, and oh so fashionable. You can watch the entire livestream below. I definitely recommend checking out the model who appears around 9:30 in. Even if you don’t watch anything else, she’s an absolute delight.


Models like Paris Hilton, Dominique Jackson, and Desmond Napoles (aka Desmond Is Amazing) donned their fiercest looks and sharpest nails to cosplay as Disney’s greatest evildoers. You could see they were having an amazing time, giving their best villain poses as they stared wickedly into the crowd. As far as the actual clothes were concerned, it was interesting seeing how the Blonds interpreted the characters in such interesting ways. This included different iterations of their journeys. For example, as shown in the top image, the Blonds’ designer Phillipe Blond wore a look based on Maleficent post-battle with Prince Phillip, chest wound and all.

While many of the pieces are high fashion and therefore inaccessible for the general public, Disney Style reports that some of the jackets and shirts featured in the show are made by Lauren Moshi and available for pre-order.


Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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Sorry, but a) seeing Paris Hilton and b) seeing Paris Hilton with a live ( for how long? ) animal are just huge turnoffs.